Website Issues & Podcasting Conferences – #27

Surprise! It’s Episode #27 of Podcasters Group Therapy. Nick and Corey pop into the podcast feed to talk about a few things:

  • Corey has been through the offseason from hell with Ivy Envy and he talks about all of their website and feed issues.
  • None of the PGT hosts will be attending the upcoming conferences. There are several reasons why, and we explain those and talk about how podcasting conferences have changed since we first started attending them.
  • With Huzza disappearing at the end of the month, Corey will be changing how Ivy Envy broadcasts live with advice from Nick, he will be using OBS and broadcasting live to Facebook.
  • In the services portion of the episode, Corey talks about Grammarly and Nick talks about how he is using CleanFeed.