Traditional Media Attention For Your Podcast – #22


Traditional media appearances can being more attention and awareness to your podcast. On this episode, we’re talking about spreading word about your podcast in print, radio and television.


We don’t have a lot of news to share on this episode, so we follow up with our conversation last episode about As with any new service, there’s a lot to learn the first few weeks. On this episode, we share what we’ve learned and experienced.

Traditional media attention for your podcast

On last week’s episode, Nick talked about his plans to see media attention on International Podcast Day. We use this as an opportunity to share our experiences and opinions on seeking traditional media attention for our podcasts.

Service of the Week

If you’ve thought about getting t-shirts for your podcast, but don’t like the quality or prices of the online t-shirt shops like CafePress or TeeSpring, we’d suggest considering getting your tshirts through Go Van Gogh’s. Corey has Ivy Envy’s tshirts printed there and has nothing but good things to say about the quality and service.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – Fear the Walking Dead
Corey – The QC STEP Podcast
Nick – Short Time Podcast with Mario Lopez