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Twitter for Podcasters – #21

Twitter for Podcasters
[powerpess] On episode #20, we talked about about how podcasters can use Facebook. On this episode, we’re sticking with the social networking theme and talking about Twitter for podcasters.


  • Nick talks about a podcasting conference coming up, Podcast Mid-Atlantic. We share some details about the conference and discuss some of the unique and creative things they have planned.
  • International Podcast Day is September 30th and on our episodes of PGT between now and then, we will share a tip on how to celebrate IPD and share the “good news” of podcasts.  This week, we suggest sharing this Ira Glass video on Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter for Podcasters

Trying to tackle Twitter in one sitting is a challenge, but it’s one we’re ready to take. Since we talked about Facebook last week, we talk about how our Twitter strategy is different than our Facebook. We cover several topics: Personal accounts vs. brand accounts, marketing vs. personal, promotion vs. conversation, use of hashtags, negativity on Twitter, etc.

We’d love to hear about your Twitter strategy. What works? What doesn’t work? What do you like and dislike about Twitter. Have you discovered unique or creative ways to engage your audience or grow your audience through Twitter. Record an audio clip and email it to [email protected]

Service of the Week

We’re talking about the hot new kid on the block, blab. We have given the service a try and share our experience. We also talk about how this service could be used by podcasters.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – The Truth
Corey – Trivial Warfare – Episode #30
Nick – Fiverr

Podcasting Copyright Issues – #17

CopyrightsOn this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we tackle the topic of podcasting copyright issues. Even amateur podcasters need to be aware of these issues.


  • Podcast Movement is less than a month away! The three of us will be headed to Fort Worth, Texas at the end of the month and if you are too, we want to hang out.
  • Nick shares exactly HOW popular President Obama’s conversation with Mark Maron was.
  • Corey hates Stitcher.

Meet-up Tip

Corey was on the road with the family and while on the road, teamed up with another group of Cubs fans to host an Ivy Envy meet-up. He talks about the benefits of combining meet-ups with other communities.

Copyright Issues

The three of us are considered hobbyist podcasters, and we each have made changes with how we use copyrighted materials. Some of our changes were forced and some were precautionary moves. We talk about the different types of copyrighted materials you could knowingly or unknowingly be using on your podcast and we talk about how to avoid some of these issues.

Nick was actually served a cease-and-desist letter by the NFL and he shares how extreme their interpretation of copyrights is. If you want to avoid messy situations later, this would be a good episode to listen to.

Service of the Week

A number of episodes ago, Corey talked about how he was going to use Bossjock for his daily podcast. He talks about how he has adapted to the service and what he likes/dislikes about Bossjock.

Picks of the Week:

Tawny: The Truth: Remember the Baby
Corey: Vegetarian Zen #106
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Podcasting Stats – #13

Podcasting Stats

On this week’s episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we’re talking about a dirty word for podcasters, podcasting stats.


Spotify is jumping into the podcast game, apparently to compete with iTunes and their new music streaming service. The three of us use Spotify and talk about what this means as a Spotify user and also as a podcasters.

Listener Feedback

We have a few pieces of voicemail to play. These both slipped through the cracks. Gary from KiwiMana Podcast (a beekeeping podcast from New Zealand) calls in to talk about feedback from listeners and how how they use that feedback with their show. Jeffrey K Holbrook from Daggers of the Mind agrees with Dave Jackson that Tawny is the PGT secret sauce, and then he gives us a nice audio bumper to use.


One of the dirty words for podcasters is podcasting stats. The three of us talk about our philosophies with statistics. We talk about what stats services we use, how often we look at stats and what we do with the data.

Derek from Gotham TV Podcast and Defenders TV Podcast talks about some of the issues he has with stats for his podcast.

Troy from Packers Fan Podcast, The Blacklist Exposed Podcast and Under the Dome Radio and has an interesting strategy with stats and we decide to try his strategy with this episode.

Service of the Week

Tawny provides us with a service of the week on this episode and it’s Prezi. Prezi is a visually stimulating alternative to PowerPoint or Keynote. Corey uses Prezi quite a bit for work. If you’d like to see a Prezi in action, check out this video that Corey did, teaching high school students how to fill out tax forms for their first job.

Corey and Tawny will both be using Prezi for their presentations at Podcast Midwest.

Picks of the Week

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