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Podcast Consistency – #15

Podcast Consistency

Where in the world has PGT been? No, we didn’t podfade, we pod-vacay’ed. On this week’s episode, we’re talking about podcast consistency.


  • Registration is now open for New Media Expo 2016. The conference will take place April 18-21 in Las Vegas. Registration is now open and if you’re planning on attending the conference, now is the time to get your tickets.
  • Podcast Movement is just a month and a half away and they continue to announce speakers.  The three of us will be attending Podcast Movement and we’d like to do some sort of PGT meet-up.  Stay tuned for details.

When we started this podcast in the winter, we knew that the months of May, June and July were going to be tough. The three of us coach 4 kids sports teams, our kids are involved in other spring activities, we have family vacations and the months are just hectic. We thought we’d be able to just roll with it and find time in our schedules to record PGT episodes. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

So on this episode, we talk about the idea of releasing episodes on a consistent basis. We talk about how important we think it is as podcast listers and in the role as podcast producers.

We also share a few tips on muscling through periods in your life when finding time to get behind the microphone is difficult.

App of the Week

This week’s app of the week is WordSwag. Wordswag is one of the apps that Tawny and Beth discussed in their Podcast Midwest presentation. This is another app that allows you to create stimulating images without Photoshop skills. Wordswag steps things up and allows you to do a few more things than some of the other options, though.

Picks of the Week

Tawny: Podcasters Roundtable #52, Spotify Happy Hipster Playlist
Corey: 11/22/63 (affiliate link), The Audacity to Podcast #222 – The Future of Podcasting, The Gimp Show #30
Nick: Grace and Frankie

PGT Live from NMX – #10

PGT Live from NMX

On this week’s episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we’ve recorded a special live episode from the floor of New Media Expo and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention at Podcasters Alley. It features special guests Bob Zerull from the I Hate Critics podcast at ihatecritics.net, Wayne Henderson from MediaVoiceOvers.com, Jen Briney from Congressional Dish, Jason Bryant from Mat Talk Online and Jared Easley from Starve the Doubts and one of the founders of Podcast Movement. Each of our guests shared their NMX experiences that week as well as talked about their shows. We of course couldn’t let them get away without giving us their Picks of the Week!

Picks of the Week

Nick – Buy the Virtual Ticket from NMX
Corey – True Story

Next Week’s Episode

We’ll record the next episode of PGT next week on April 28th. Stay tuned to our Google+ Community to find out what exactly we’ll be covering!

Podcast Reviews – #9

Podcast Reviews

On this week’s episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we’re talking about Podcast Reviews. Why do we want them? How do we get them? What do we do with them once we have them? How do we handle negative reviews? We’ll cover all of those questions on this episode.


Episode #10 of PGT will be recorded at New Media Expo, whether it’s on Podcast Alley or in the corner somewhere. Nick and Corey will be at NMX and if you’d like to join them for episode #10, follow them on Twitter for more information. @NickSeuberling and @CoreyFineran are their Twitter handles.

Podcast Reviews

Reviews for your podcast are beneficial for a few reasons.

  • They improve your visibility in the rankings in the different podcast directories, like iTunes.
  • They improve your credibility.  If someone is searching a certain topic in a podcast directory, one with more reviews will appear more credible.
  • They make us “feel so good.”

In this conversation, we discuss these ideas and share our strategies for encouraging listeners to leave us reviews. Tawny talks about an iTunes review campaign that Mommy’s Cocktail Hour did, and the events that led to that campaign.

We also get into negative reviews. The three of us have each received negative reviews, sometimes complaints with the podcast and someone personal attacks on individual hosts. We talk about how we have handled these in the past and what we’ve learned from them.

App/Service of the Week

Since we are discussing reviews, Corey talks about a fantastic service that collects your reviews and delivers them to your email inbox once a week. My Podcast Reviews is a service developed by Daniel J Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast. This is an affordable and easy way to see what your listeners are saying about you. Corey has an affiliate link for the service – My Podcast Reviews

Nick talks about the TuneIn app. This is another place that people might find your podcast, but TuneIn does not pull from iTunes. If you’d like to be listed in the TuneIn app, you will need to submit your podcast to them and Nick explains how to do that.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – Satellite Sisters
Nick – Best of Friends Podcast
Corey – Kasper Hauser Podcast

Next Week’s Episode

As mentioned, Episode #10 of Podcasters Group Therapy will be recorded at New Media Expo in Las Vegas next week. If you’re going to be at the conference, we’d love to talk podcasting with you on the episode.

Podcasting Influences – #8

Podcasting Influences

Most podcasters don’t have formal training before they get behind their microphones for the first time. We learned and were influenced by people who were already podcasting. We all have our podcasting influences. On this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we are joined by the Director of Podcasting for New Media Expo and the man behind The School of Podcasting, Dave Jackson.


Regional one-day podcasting conferences are starting to pop up, and the group responsible for most of them is the Podcast Movement guys, Jared Easley and Dan Franks.

  • Podcast Midwest was recently announced.  This will be taking place in Chicago, Illinois on May 23rd, 2015.  Jared and Dan will be hosting the event and a few speakers have been announced: Colt Cabana, Vernon Foster and co-host of this podcast, Corey Fineran.  Early-bird tickets are now on sale at the website.
  • Podcamp Western Massachusetts is scheduled for April 25, 2015.
  • There will be other regional podcast conferences announced and when they are, we’ll share them here on Podcasters Group Therapy.

Podcasting Influences

For the main portion of this week’s episode, we’re talking about the people that have influenced as podcasters. We are grateful that Dave Jackson took time out of his busy schedule to discuss this topic. We each share our podcasting influences and we play a listener clip that Bob Zerull from the I Hate Critics Podcast.

With New Media Expo just a few weeks away, we use this opportunity to talk about the conference with Dave, who is the Director of Podcasting for NMX. He highlights a few of the sessions in the Podcasting Track that you will not want to miss. He also gives some tips to people that will be attending the conference for the first time.

App/Service of the Week

We’re not talking about Meerkat! But, we’re talking about Periscope, which is Meerkat’s competitor. Nick and Corey both game Periscope a couple of test-runs and had some issues. We share our thoughts on Periscope and hope to never talk about Twitter video streaming apps again.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – One Bad Mother Podcast
Nick – About Sports Radio
Corey – The Houston Baseball Coach Podcast

On Next Week’s Episode

Next week, we’re talking about listener reviews. Why would a podcast want them? How do you get your listeners to leave you reviews? What do you do when you get a bad review? We’ll cover all of these topics and more, next week. Have you found creative ways to encourage listeners to leave you reviews? Have you received a bad review? How did you handle it? We’d like to hear from you. You can send us an audio clip to [email protected] or you can call our voicemail line – (309) 517-0624.

PGT on Google+

The next Podcasters Group Therapy Hangout session is Monday, April 6th. Join our Google+ Community to participate. Let’s hang out and talk podcasting.

Hosting Meet-Ups for Your Podcast – #7

Hosting Meet-Ups for Your Podcast

As podcasters, we spend a great deal of time building and engaging with our communities. Since this is an online world, most of these interactions are typically online. But, some of the best socializing you can do with your audience is in person. On this week’s episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we’re talking about hosting meet-ups for your podcast.


  • Corey talks about his trip to Arizona (and Colorado) on behalf of his podcast, Ivy Envy. He talks about using Meerkat to conduct a Reddit AMA style session. He and his co-host Andy Round also had the opportunity to serve as audio engineers for the Cubs radio broadcast for a game and he talks about how that came about.
  • The Podcast Awards voting is over!!!
  • New Media Expo is just a few weeks away.  Nick and Corey will be presenting at NMX and tell you what they will be presenting on and when you can attend those sessions.

Hosting Meet-ups for your Podcast

Ivy Envy's  meet-up at Spring Training last week.

Ivy Envy’s recent meet-up at Spring Training.

One of the best community building activities you can do with your podcast is to host a meet-up. In this discussion, we talk about why podcasters may want to host a meet-up. We talk about our own experiences with meet-ups with our podcasts. Corey has hosted a number of meet-ups, as recently as last week. Tawny tells us about social media meet-ups that can accomplish the same results as an in-person meet-up. Nick has his first official meet-up for his podcast, Inside the Jungle in April.

We also look at some of the concerns a podcaster might have about hosting a meet-up and address some of the things that might be holding podcasters back. What if nobody shows up? Well, we talk about that. Meet-ups also don’t have to be a big production. We talk about keeping it simple and really focusing on the benefit of hosting meet-ups for your podcast.

App/Service of the Week

This week, Tawny talks about A Beautiful Mess, which is available on iOS and Android. This is a really powerful image editing app that will allow you to create impactful images for your podcast. If you don’t have Photoshop skills, A Beautiful Mess allows you to do create brand consistency with your images. Check the app out and if you’d like to see how Tawny’s podcast, Mommy’s Cocktail Hour uses it, check out their Instagram – @MommysCocktailHour.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – Simple Life Together
Nick – Wirecast
Corey – The World of Phil Hendrie

Next Week’s Episode

Next week, we will be talking about podcasting influences. We’re going to share who helped shape us as podcasters. We’d love to hear who your podcasting influences are. Record an audio clip and send it to [email protected] or call our voicemail line – (309) 517-0624.

Breaking Podcasting Rules – #4

Breaking Podcasting Rules

Welcome to the 4th episode of Podcasters Group Therapy. On this episode, we’re talking about breaking the podcasting rules and practices that the experts say you should adhere to. Podcasting is about doing what you want, how you want and so we’re talking about doing your own thing.

The News in Podcasting

  • Podcast AwardsPodcasters in our Google+ Community have 10 podcasts that are finalists in the 10th Annual Podcast Awards.

    ONCE Podcast – hosted by Daniel J. Lewis, edited by John Bukenas, Noodle.Mx Network

    Beyond the To-Do List Daniel J. Lewis, Noodle.Mx Network

    The Productive Woman Daniel J. Lewis, edited by John Bukenas, Noodle.Mx Network

    Sci Fi Movie Podcast – Remi Lavictoire and Tim Allen

    Congressional Dish – Jen Briney

    Are You Just Watching – Daniel J. Lewis, Noodle.Mx Network

    Ivy Envy – Corey Fineran, Relentless Podcast Network
    Inside the Jungle – Nick Seuberling, SPNT Podcast Network

    The Audacity to Podcast – Daniel J. Lewis, edited by John Bukenas, Noodle.MX Network
    The Waves of Tech – Dave Lee and Steve Lee, Netcast Studio

  • There has been some recent news about the future of G+ and we discuss the impact this could have on podcasters.  We focus on G+ Communities (since that’s where this group is based) and Hangouts/Hangouts On Air, since a lot of podcasters use that service to record with hosts in other locations and to live broadcast.
  • We have a ticket to New Media Expo to give away!  To enter to win this ticket, we’d like to hear you finish the following statement: “I love podcasting because…”  You can submit your entries in audio or email form.  Email [email protected]  The cut-off for entries is 11:59pm Eastern on Monday, March 9th.  Last week we talked about NMX and now we’d like to get you in the door!

Breaking Podcasting Rules

Podcasting is a medium that allows for a lot of creativity. When you decide you want to podcast and buy your domain, hosting or microphone, you aren’t delivered a podcasting rule book. The idea of this episode is that we want to talk about the things that we do that fly in the face of the podcasting experts and the conventional wisdom.

Tawny – Swearing and Sound Quality.
Nick – Self Hosting his audio
Corey – No Mailing List. Condenser Microphones. Use of Licensed Music.

We also have some great feedback from podcasters in our Google+ community that talk about how they do their own thing. Albie Burdge from The Quantum Leap Podcast tells us why he compresses his audio at a higher quality than most experts would suggest. He also explains that his podcast episodes are significantly longer than conventional wisdom tells us episodes should be.

Bob Zerull from I Hate Critics Podcast does his own thing by not niching down. He also calls podcasting “punk rock” because you can do your own thing.

Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting talks about a unique interviewing style he has that would probably go against any professional opinions on how to conduct interviews.

JD Sutter from Porchlight Family Media shares that he does his own thing by not adhering to a weekly schedule, but instead releases podcast episodes once a month.

App/Service of the Week

meerkat-appThis week, Corey talks about Meerkat which allows you to stream live video from your phone to Twitter. Simply open the app and click “Stream” and your Twitter followers will be notified that you are live broadcasting. Viewers can ask questions that are displayed on your screen. When you end the broadcast, you are able to save your video, but the video is not available to the public unless you post it on YouTube, your website or any other location.

This is a really interesting way to connect with your audience. The three of us talk about how we might use Meerkat with our podcasts.

Picks of the Week

Nick – Comments on his statement last week about “podcasting” on Soundcloud with no RSS feed.
Tawny – Invisibilia, especially the “How to Become Batman” episode.
Corey – Pod on Pod

Next Week on Podcasters Group Therapy

On the 5th episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we’re going to be talking about our podcasts’ avatars. We’re also going to workshop during this episode and try to create an avatar for this podcast. We want to hear about your podcast’s avatar. Do you have one? How did you decide what your podcast’s avatar is? After our discussion on this episode about doing your own thing, do you NEED an avatar for your podcast? We want to hear from you, send your audio clips to [email protected]

Conferences for Podcasters – #3


On this week’s episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we’re talking conferences for podcasters. New Media Expo is coming up in April and Podcast Movement is releasing names of new speakers and keynote presenters. Should you attend a conference for podcasters? If you can only financially afford one, which one do you choose?

The News in Podcasting

  • Stitcher Smart Radio is experiencing some updating issues. If your podcast is on Stitcher, you probably received an email from them to let you know updates were moving slowly. Corey shares his experience and explains why Ivy Envy not being updated in Stitcher is a very big deal for his show and his listeners. We also use this opportunity to each discuss our podcast’s audience on Stitcher.
  • The finalists for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards are to be announced this upcoming Sunday, March 1st at 9pm Eastern. We decided that it’d be fun to do a G+ Hangout for our Podcasters Group Therapy Google+ Community during the announcements. If you have not yet joined our G+ Community, do so to participate in this Podcast Awards Hangout and our PGT Sessions, which we do every other Monday night. The next PGT Session will be on Monday, March 9th.

Conferences for Podcasters

New Media Expo 2015 (Las Vegas, Nevada) is coming up soon and Podcast Movement (Fort Worth, Texas) is announcing speakers every couple of days. In this episode, we describe these conferences. We talk about the sessions, the networking during the conference and the evening networking events.

Most podcasters are doing this as a hobby and/or on a budget and if you’re in that boat, we do our best to explain the differences between the two conferences and describe what kind of podcaster each conference seems to be geared toward.

App/Service of the Week

On this week’s episode, we talk about some of the different apps that exist for listening to podcasts. Nick and Corey are both using Pocketcasts by Shifty Jelly. Tawny moves around a bit more with her listening apps. She talks about Stitcher, Pocketcasts and the iOS Podcasts app. We also talk about other services like TuneIn.

Picks of the Week

TawnyIvy Envy Podcast: Baseball Card Episode – 6.59
Nick uses this opportunity to talk about people who use the term “podcast”, but their show lacks something very essential to the term, an RSS feed.
Corey – Effectively Wild Podcast. This is a baseball podcast that discusses the game with an advanced statistics slant. On Friday’s episode, the hosts shared the news that an Independent League baseball team, the Sonoma Stompers, have asked them to run the team’s front office for the 2015, implementing the concepts they discuss on their podcast. We believe this is the first instance of a podcast being given the keys to ownership of an entity.

Listener Feedback

John Bukenas shares his “Holy Crap!” moment with us. John is “currently podfading” at Let’s Reverse Obesity. We also get a “Holy Crap!” moment from Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting. Both of these “Holy Crap!” moments have to do with listener feedback, and I think all of us get that feeling whenever we hear from our listeners.

Next Week on Podcasters Group Therapy

Next week’s episode will be entitled “Doing Your Own Thing”. The idea behind this is that you don’t have to do what the professionals tell you. We will share instances from our podcasts and podcasting journeys when we have bucked the conventional wisdom. We’d love to hear about the things you do with your podcast that go against the podcasting conventional wisdom. Send your audio clips to [email protected]

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