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Podcasting Influences – #8

Podcasting Influences

Most podcasters don’t have formal training before they get behind their microphones for the first time. We learned and were influenced by people who were already podcasting. We all have our podcasting influences. On this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we are joined by the Director of Podcasting for New Media Expo and the man behind The School of Podcasting, Dave Jackson.


Regional one-day podcasting conferences are starting to pop up, and the group responsible for most of them is the Podcast Movement guys, Jared Easley and Dan Franks.

  • Podcast Midwest was recently announced.  This will be taking place in Chicago, Illinois on May 23rd, 2015.  Jared and Dan will be hosting the event and a few speakers have been announced: Colt Cabana, Vernon Foster and co-host of this podcast, Corey Fineran.  Early-bird tickets are now on sale at the website.
  • Podcamp Western Massachusetts is scheduled for April 25, 2015.
  • There will be other regional podcast conferences announced and when they are, we’ll share them here on Podcasters Group Therapy.

Podcasting Influences

For the main portion of this week’s episode, we’re talking about the people that have influenced as podcasters. We are grateful that Dave Jackson took time out of his busy schedule to discuss this topic. We each share our podcasting influences and we play a listener clip that Bob Zerull from the I Hate Critics Podcast.

With New Media Expo just a few weeks away, we use this opportunity to talk about the conference with Dave, who is the Director of Podcasting for NMX. He highlights a few of the sessions in the Podcasting Track that you will not want to miss. He also gives some tips to people that will be attending the conference for the first time.

App/Service of the Week

We’re not talking about Meerkat! But, we’re talking about Periscope, which is Meerkat’s competitor. Nick and Corey both game Periscope a couple of test-runs and had some issues. We share our thoughts on Periscope and hope to never talk about Twitter video streaming apps again.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – One Bad Mother Podcast
Nick – About Sports Radio
Corey – The Houston Baseball Coach Podcast

On Next Week’s Episode

Next week, we’re talking about listener reviews. Why would a podcast want them? How do you get your listeners to leave you reviews? What do you do when you get a bad review? We’ll cover all of these topics and more, next week. Have you found creative ways to encourage listeners to leave you reviews? Have you received a bad review? How did you handle it? We’d like to hear from you. You can send us an audio clip to [email protected] or you can call our voicemail line – (309) 517-0624.

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The next Podcasters Group Therapy Hangout session is Monday, April 6th. Join our Google+ Community to participate. Let’s hang out and talk podcasting.

PGT Represented in the 2015 Podcast Awards

Podcast Awards

The final slate for the 2015 Podcast Awards were announced late on Sunday night March 1st. After all the dust settled and the announcement had been completed, it was nice to look around and see some of the members of Podcasters Group Therapy listed as finalists! Here’s the list of members that are finalists! Enjoy!

Here are the Podcast Awards Finalists from Podcasters Group Therapy

ONCE Podcast – hosted by Daniel J. Lewis, edited by John Bukenas, Noodle.Mx Network

Beyond the To-Do List Daniel J. Lewis, Noodle.Mx Network

The Productive Woman Daniel J. Lewis, edited by John Bukenas, Noodle.Mx Network

Sci Fi Movie Podcast – Remi Lavictoire and Tim Allen

Congressional Dish – Jen Briney

Are You Just Watching – Daniel J. Lewis, Noodle.Mx Network

Ivy Envy – Corey Fineran, Relentless Podcast Network
Inside the Jungle – Nick Seuberling, SPNT Podcast Network

The Audacity to Podcast – Daniel J. Lewis, edited by John Bukenas, Noodle.MX Network
The Waves of Tech – Dave Lee and Steve Lee, Netcast Studio

Voting will begin on March 3rd. You can vote once per day at PodcastAwards.com. Congratulations again to all the finalists who are members of the Podcasters Group Therapy Community!

Defining Success in Podcasting – #1


Welcome to the first episode of Podcasters Group Therapy. Like every first episode of a podcast, you’re going to learn who we are. We will share our podcasting journey. You will also learn what this podcast will be.

Podcasters Group Therapy is an extension of a Google+ community we started for podcasters after we met at New Media Expo 2013. This started off as a private mastermind-type group, but after New Media Expo 2014, we decided to open the group up to the public. Our goal with the group is to hold “Therapy Sessions” every other Monday. This is a time for podcasters to come together in a G+ Hangout to share successes, struggles and brainstorm ideas in a supportive manner with other podcasters.

cover_200By being an extension of the G+ group, you can expect a similar vibe with this podcast. We will discuss a podcasting topic on every episode, sharing our thoughts and opinions, as well as the thoughts and opinions of other podcasters in the G+ group via audio clips. Who is our target audience? Anyone that has a podcast or has aspirations of podcasting.

Podcasting Success

This week, we’re discussing a topic that applies to every podcaster. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a hobbyist podcaster, we all have our own definitions of podcasting success. We play audio clips from other podcasters: Bob Zerull (I Hate Critics Podcast), Rem Lavictoire (SciFi Movie Podcast), Ray Harkins (100 Words or Less), Daniel J Lewis (The Audacity to Podcast) and Ray Ortega (The Podcasters Studio) and hear how they define podcasting success.

App/Service of the Week

Corey talks about Ringr, a new app that allows you to record double-enders via your iOS device. If you record interviews for your podcast with people that aren’t as technologically or audiologically (is that a word?) savvy, you might want to consider using this app. The quality is far better than a phone call through Skype. Tawny also talks about her recording situation and why Ringr might actually work for her and her co-hosts on Mommy’s Cocktail Hour.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – All Songs Considered episode with Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie
Nick – Dave Ramsey Show
Corey – Awesome 80’s Podcast interview with Donald Fullilove (Mayor Goldie Wilson in Back to the Future)

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We want to hear from you. How do you define podcasting success and what was your podcasting “holy crap!” moment?