Hosting Events & Live Streaming – #28

Nick and Corey convene to talk podcasting on a Monday morning.  Here are the topics we discuss:

  • After our last conversation, Nick came up with a solution for website backups.  We talk about coming up with some other plans if your website goes haywire.  Somehow, this leads to a discussion about podcast networks.
  • Nick is hosting a bus trip in a few weeks for his podcast.  Corey has done a handful of these bus trips and we talk about hosting events and some of the issues and planning that goes into hosting a successful event.
  • With the demise of Huzza, a lot of podcasters are looking for live streaming solutions.  Corey has been trying a few options and found one last night that he may stick with.
  • Services/products of the week:

Here’s a screenshot from Ivy Envy’s live broadcast