Conferences for Podcasters – #3


On this week’s episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we’re talking conferences for podcasters. New Media Expo is coming up in April and Podcast Movement is releasing names of new speakers and keynote presenters. Should you attend a conference for podcasters? If you can only financially afford one, which one do you choose?

The News in Podcasting

  • Stitcher Smart Radio is experiencing some updating issues. If your podcast is on Stitcher, you probably received an email from them to let you know updates were moving slowly. Corey shares his experience and explains why Ivy Envy not being updated in Stitcher is a very big deal for his show and his listeners. We also use this opportunity to each discuss our podcast’s audience on Stitcher.
  • The finalists for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards are to be announced this upcoming Sunday, March 1st at 9pm Eastern. We decided that it’d be fun to do a G+ Hangout for our Podcasters Group Therapy Google+ Community during the announcements. If you have not yet joined our G+ Community, do so to participate in this Podcast Awards Hangout and our PGT Sessions, which we do every other Monday night. The next PGT Session will be on Monday, March 9th.

Conferences for Podcasters

New Media Expo 2015 (Las Vegas, Nevada) is coming up soon and Podcast Movement (Fort Worth, Texas) is announcing speakers every couple of days. In this episode, we describe these conferences. We talk about the sessions, the networking during the conference and the evening networking events.

Most podcasters are doing this as a hobby and/or on a budget and if you’re in that boat, we do our best to explain the differences between the two conferences and describe what kind of podcaster each conference seems to be geared toward.

App/Service of the Week

On this week’s episode, we talk about some of the different apps that exist for listening to podcasts. Nick and Corey are both using Pocketcasts by Shifty Jelly. Tawny moves around a bit more with her listening apps. She talks about Stitcher, Pocketcasts and the iOS Podcasts app. We also talk about other services like TuneIn.

Picks of the Week

TawnyIvy Envy Podcast: Baseball Card Episode – 6.59
Nick uses this opportunity to talk about people who use the term “podcast”, but their show lacks something very essential to the term, an RSS feed.
Corey – Effectively Wild Podcast. This is a baseball podcast that discusses the game with an advanced statistics slant. On Friday’s episode, the hosts shared the news that an Independent League baseball team, the Sonoma Stompers, have asked them to run the team’s front office for the 2015, implementing the concepts they discuss on their podcast. We believe this is the first instance of a podcast being given the keys to ownership of an entity.

Listener Feedback

John Bukenas shares his “Holy Crap!” moment with us. John is “currently podfading” at Let’s Reverse Obesity. We also get a “Holy Crap!” moment from Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting. Both of these “Holy Crap!” moments have to do with listener feedback, and I think all of us get that feeling whenever we hear from our listeners.

Next Week on Podcasters Group Therapy

Next week’s episode will be entitled “Doing Your Own Thing”. The idea behind this is that you don’t have to do what the professionals tell you. We will share instances from our podcasts and podcasting journeys when we have bucked the conventional wisdom. We’d love to hear about the things you do with your podcast that go against the podcasting conventional wisdom. Send your audio clips to [email protected]

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