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Website Issues & Podcasting Conferences – #27

Surprise! It’s Episode #27 of Podcasters Group Therapy. Nick and Corey pop into the podcast feed to talk about a few things:

  • Corey has been through the offseason from hell with Ivy Envy and he talks about all of their website and feed issues.
  • None of the PGT hosts will be attending the upcoming conferences. There are several reasons why, and we explain those and talk about how podcasting conferences have changed since we first started attending them.
  • With Huzza disappearing at the end of the month, Corey will be changing how Ivy Envy broadcasts live with advice from Nick, he will be using OBS and broadcasting live to Facebook.
  • In the services portion of the episode, Corey talks about Grammarly and Nick talks about how he is using CleanFeed.

Podcasting Journey Updates – #26

chairs_circle200Holy Cow! It’s a new episode of PGT! That’s right. After a calendar year of no new episodes, we are back. In this episode, you will hear us explain why an entire year has gone by with no PGT episodes. We also share where we are in our podcasting journeys and what we have learned about podcasting in the last year.

Nick has “killed” his podcast. He talks about what went into that decision. He goes on to share that he transitioned to a new podcast and shares why he is enjoying this new show. Tawny seems to be wrestling with the idea of even calling herself a podcaster at this point. She talks about the other things in life taking priority over getting behind a mic. Corey (while not celebrating the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs) was able to leave his job and now owns his own business. He is developing online curriculum for high school special education students. He shares how that business came together and talks about some of the things he’s learned about podcasting and new media content creation in the last year.

School of Podcasting – Corey Fineran’s Podcast Lead Him To Start His Own Business
Cincinnati Soccer Talk
NextUp Transition Curriculum
Mommy’s Cocktail Hour
Ivy Envy

Podcast Networks with Joel Sharpton and Josh Shirley – #25

chairs_circle200On this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we talk with Joel Sharpton and Josh Shirley about their experiences with podcast networks.

Most of you probably know Joel and Josh as the co-hosts of Always Listening, formerly known as Pod on Pod. You may not know that these two have been part of two podcast networks and that’s why we asked them to come on this podcast.

They share their experiences with us, we talk about the different types of podcast networks and cover the numerous advantages and disadvantages to joining a podcast network.

So, where have we been lately? – #24

Where Have We Been?

On this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we explain where we’ve been and talk about what we’ve learned about podcasting since our last episode. Nick’s role in radio has increased and he’ll share what’s going on with that. Corey experienced something he hasn’t seen in the previous six seasons of podcasting on the Chicago Cubs…playoffs. Ivy Envy took full advantage of the situation and he’ll share some of the things he did and how those things helped grow the podcast.


  • Podcasts will now be part of the Google Play/Google Music.
  • The New Media Expo Virtual Ticket is now available.
  • Season 2 of Serial is “exclusive?” to Pandora….or something.

Service of the Week

Tawny talks about Swipes, a task management app.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – The Longest Shortest Time
Nick – CBS All-Access
Corey – Overcast

Good Interview Tips – #23

Interview Tips

Interviews are a great way for you to help bring exposure to your podcast. If not done properly they could damage your reputation. On this episode of PGT, we offer up our best tips and techniques for recording quality, professional sounding interviews.


The Los Angeles Podcast Festival is coming up Sept 18-20th! There are around 40 podcasts involved in this year’s Los Angeles Podcast Festival. The list includes WTF With Marc Maron, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler, Doug Loves Movies, and many more.

Tickets are available for either the live event or the live stream (for those who can’t make it to the event itself). You can buy a ticket for a specific day or a Weekend Festival Pass. Whatever fits your schedule. The live stream ticket is $25.00 for the entire three day event. All LA Podfest performances will take place at the Sofitel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, California. Click Here for More Details.

SoundCloud Takedowns Trigger Massive Purge
Earlier this month, the company began a massive purge of files in response to takedown requests from the major record labels. These deletions don’t appear to have yet affected any podcasts hosted by SoundCloud. But it seems inevitable that this will happen.Click Here to Read More.

Nintendo Fires Employee For Appearing on a Podcast
Oops. Next time make sure you check with your employer first before you go on a random podcast as a guest. Do your homework! Click Here for More Details.

Interview Tips and Techniques We Use in our Podcasts

Who are some of the better interviewers in podcasting/radio that you enjoy hearing? When you’re interviewing someone, what is your goal going into the interview? What kind of preparation do you do leading into an interview? What kind of questions should you be asking? Most importantly though, to be a good interviewer you need to LISTEN.

Service of the Week

If you haven’t heard of it by now then you’re in for a real treat. The service is called Slack and it’s an online gathering place where you can have chats amongst teams, families, etc. Slack makes it easy to keep everything as documented as possible.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – Coffee Break Spanish thanks to Always Listening Podcast
Corey – I’m Dying Here Podcast
Nick – Heads Up game app

Traditional Media Attention For Your Podcast – #22


Traditional media appearances can being more attention and awareness to your podcast. On this episode, we’re talking about spreading word about your podcast in print, radio and television.


We don’t have a lot of news to share on this episode, so we follow up with our conversation last episode about As with any new service, there’s a lot to learn the first few weeks. On this episode, we share what we’ve learned and experienced.

Traditional media attention for your podcast

On last week’s episode, Nick talked about his plans to see media attention on International Podcast Day. We use this as an opportunity to share our experiences and opinions on seeking traditional media attention for our podcasts.

Service of the Week

If you’ve thought about getting t-shirts for your podcast, but don’t like the quality or prices of the online t-shirt shops like CafePress or TeeSpring, we’d suggest considering getting your tshirts through Go Van Gogh’s. Corey has Ivy Envy’s tshirts printed there and has nothing but good things to say about the quality and service.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – Fear the Walking Dead
Corey – The QC STEP Podcast
Nick – Short Time Podcast with Mario Lopez

Twitter for Podcasters – #21

Twitter for Podcasters
[powerpess] On episode #20, we talked about about how podcasters can use Facebook. On this episode, we’re sticking with the social networking theme and talking about Twitter for podcasters.


  • Nick talks about a podcasting conference coming up, Podcast Mid-Atlantic. We share some details about the conference and discuss some of the unique and creative things they have planned.
  • International Podcast Day is September 30th and on our episodes of PGT between now and then, we will share a tip on how to celebrate IPD and share the “good news” of podcasts.  This week, we suggest sharing this Ira Glass video on Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter for Podcasters

Trying to tackle Twitter in one sitting is a challenge, but it’s one we’re ready to take. Since we talked about Facebook last week, we talk about how our Twitter strategy is different than our Facebook. We cover several topics: Personal accounts vs. brand accounts, marketing vs. personal, promotion vs. conversation, use of hashtags, negativity on Twitter, etc.

We’d love to hear about your Twitter strategy. What works? What doesn’t work? What do you like and dislike about Twitter. Have you discovered unique or creative ways to engage your audience or grow your audience through Twitter. Record an audio clip and email it to [email protected]

Service of the Week

We’re talking about the hot new kid on the block, blab. We have given the service a try and share our experience. We also talk about how this service could be used by podcasters.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – The Truth
Corey – Trivial Warfare – Episode #30
Nick – Fiverr

Facebook for Podcasters – #20

Facebook for Podcasters

Facebook is a great way for podcasters to promote their podcast and to connect with their listeners. So on this episode, we’re talking about Facebook.


  • Nick attended Podcamp Pittsburgh and gives us a recap of the two-day event. The organizers have put many videos of the sessions on YouTube. Nick mentioned Chris Brogan’s presentation and you can watch it here.
  • International Podcast Day is just over a month away and we’re already gearing up for the event.  International Podcast Day is a great opportunity to share podcasts with the people around you.  We haven’t figured it out exactly, but PGT will be celebrating IPD.  Stay tuned for information.
  • Midroll has announced a premium podcasting plan, Howl Premium.  We discuss this model and the podcasts that will make their back catalogs available for $5/month.

Facebook for Podcasters

Using Facebook to promote your podcast and engage with your listeners can be a very exciting and productive thing, or it can be very frustrating. Each of the three of us have different experiences and results with Facebook and we share how we use the platform.

Tawny talks about using Facebook groups, Corey shares what has worked for him and why Ivy Envy has more engagement on Facebook, even though there’s more followers on Twitter and Nick expresses the frustration a lot of page owners feel, the lack of “reach”.

We share a few tips and tricks and we’d love to hear your what has and hasn’t worked for you. Record an audio clip and send it to [email protected]

Service of the Week is a great resource if you need stock images for your episode artwork or social images, but don’t want to pay for those images.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – Strangers – The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read
Nick – America’s Next Weatherman
Corey – Trailer Park Boys Podcast

Podcast Movement 2015 Wrap-up – #19

Podcast Movement Review
The three of us were in the same place a few weeks ago for just the second time. We were in Fort Worth, Texas for Podcast Movement and we’re here to talk about it on this episode.


The details on Podcast Movement 2016 have been announced and it’s coming to Corey and Tawny’s backyard – Chicago, Illinois! They share a few travel tips for people coming into Chicago. We also share our idea of Podapalooza. We’d like to hear your opinions on this potential event.

We also talk about Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise, which is this November.

Podcast Movement 2015

We each deem PM15 a success and the bulk of this episode is spent evaluating and sharing our experiences. Podcasting conferences are always a great opportunity to connect with friends in the space and meet new people that we share this passion with.

What is typically a little more unknown is the caliber of keynotes and sessions and we share where this conference ranked compared to others we’ve been to.

Picks of the Week

Tawny – Productivity Power Up
Corey – Platypus Houston
Nick – iClever FM Transmitter and iClever magnetic mount

Podcast Movement Preview – #18

Podcast Movement is coming up soon – July 31st through August 2nd and that’s what we’re talking about on this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy.


  • Glenn Beck turned out to be a huge (yet polarizing) “get” for the Podcast Movement fellows and unfortunately, Beck had to cancel for health reasons.
  • Upon hearing the news of Beck canceling, you might have been thinking “ANOTHER major speaker cancellation for a podcasting conference? WTF?!”  Well, that’s exactly what Podcast Movement’s response to the development was…WTF! Marc Maron!  Maron is one of the biggest names in podcasting and the dude just interviewed President Obama on his podcast and he is now scheduled to speak at Podcast Movement, 2015.


Podcast Movement

The three of us will be heading to Fort Worth, Texas for Podcast Movement and we dedicate almost this entire episode on the conference. We talk about which sessions and speakers we’re looking forward to the most, we share our opinions on the apparent quality of the sessions and we share some tips for first-timer podcast conference attendees.

App/Service of the Week

Nick shares how you can use the Bizzabo app to help you get the most out of Podcast Movement and other conferences.
Bizzabo on iOS
Bizzabo on Android

Picks of the Week

Tawny – DO IT Podcast (Addy Saucedo) – Episode 002 – Spreading a Generosity Philosophy (with Kim Trumbo)
Nick – Trivial Warfare Podcast
Corey – The Memory Palace – High Above Lake Michigan